Event Delegate

Save Time, Save Costs

Event Delegate streamlines the whole event management process, allowing you to focus on creating a great event for your organisation or your client.

We're currently in private beta for a small number of organisations but we'll be accepting registrations for more users in the beta very soon, so keep an eye out!

Automatic Communication and Data Management

Quickly Import your data and easily communicate with your invitees or delegates. Automatically gathering their event preferences, attendance, guests, seminars and more.

By automatically creating branded registration pages your delegates can register themselves without you having to do a thing. But if you need the finer detail you can easily edit their data by hand - keeping it all in one place.

Client or Agency

Tools for Clients

For direct clients we offer the tools needed to manage both internal and external events and can provide custom development packages to tailor the solution for your organisation.

Tools for Agencies

For agencies we provide the tools to keep your clients separate, streamline management and provide white labelled versions so your client has the system operating under their brand. All in one easy to use dashboard.